Damian Rhodes teaching a drill to numerous All Pro Goalie Schools students

All Pro Camp was the Difference Maker!

After spending a week last summer at All Pro’s Advanced

Technical Camp, I honestly could not believe the difference it

made for my game! I really? liked both coaches, and Damian and

Ron were always willing to answer any questions at any time.

They both would spend extra time with lots of the goalies just to make sure we not only understood the drills we were doing,

but that we were doing them correctly.

By the end of the week, the technical aspects that used to

cause problems for me in my game, were just no longer

even an issue! Thanks guys, you changed my game!!

-Brian Hill, 17 Juvenile A Goalie

Thanks for your Great Work!!

Thank you so much Damian for the great job you’ve done

working with Sam this past year! His first year as a Pee Wee

goalie was a tough one, with only four games won the whole year! Since having weekly sessions with you for the last seven months, both my husband and I are just amazed at the increase in his skills and abilities, but most importantly his confidence has just soared!

Thanks for making such a difference to Sam and his game!

-Angela Jackson



  1. I have a 10 year old daughter who coaches tell me they are amazed with her first year play as a goaltender, a local goalie who plays for the AAA Penguins has helped coach her few times and tells me that he is very impressed with her athletiscm and has said to get her some real training to see some really good progress, is there a camp you guys offer for 10 year olds?

    • Hi Nate,

      Sorry for the delayed response. That is awesome that your daughter is showing great goaltending promise! Unfortunately, we do not have any camps scheduled right now. When we have camps, we typically welcome all ages and abilities.

      We do have a lot of private and group on-ice training available in the near term, so we recommend signing up for our email newsletter so you can receive our ice times on a weekly basis. If you’d prefer, feel free to call us at 480-330-9555 and we can discuss some options for training. All the best!

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